About Hippo

We are a global team of healthcare professionals, technologists, experience designers and innovators. Our mission is to serve patients and those who care for them by leading the transformation to virtual care for providers and educators, expanding access to clinical expertise and technologies to improve the quality of healthcare.


Our company is rooted in the spirit of the modern Hippocratic Oath. We believe in the use of science and technology as it applies to the art of medicine. We respect the higher purpose of medicine and the duty to share knowledge and expertise whenever and wherever it’s needed.

We believe in open access to data insights and next generation technologies to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequities across the global community. We are committed to collaborating with colleagues to build networks without borders and advance knowledge without boundaries for the benefit of future generations.


Driving Innovation to Impact

Originating from our work with the US Department of Defense, our technology is the result of tens of millions of dollars of R&D and has been road tested in the harshest environments, including sub-Saharan Africa and offshore oil rigs.

 When the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in Wuhan, China, Hippo Technologies was used by frontline healthcare workers to provide specialist care to high risk patients.



We are experienced partners and collaborators on your journey towards next generation virtual care and polymorphic medicineTM, and are passionate about making a meaningful impact on how healthcare is designed, delivered and experienced.


Our team has deep knowledge and understanding of medical practice, clinical workflow, and reimbursement mechanisms, and we bring practical application of implementation science, socio-technical approaches, human-centered design and agile and lean methodologies to our work.


Our hardware has undergone the most rigorous testing in the harshest operating environments and is backed by the highest levels of customer care and support. Our software is modular by design and is fully networked and can grow with you as you scale.


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